Easy Cookies Recipe

Morning snacks are my ritual as I tend to wake up early, and by 11:00 am, I look forward to sitting and enjoying a coffee cup with a small treat. This recipe is perfect with milk or coffee. A straightforward cookie recipe that is relatively less in calories than the store-bought ones, it is also customizable to any taste or occasion. From the photos, you will notice that the cookies are a bit brownish; I like to bake with coconut sugar; it is a healthy natural option that adds a lovely color and unique aroma to my…

Mindful bites for a healthier lifestyle

Every day is an opportunity to take care of ourselves, and every meal is an opportunity to nourish our bodies. Our eating habits go way past our generation; we inherited many of our habits from our parents and grandparents. While so many are still in place, unfortunately, our obesity rates have increased, and people suffer from chronic diseases starting at a very young age. Below are some points to consider if you decided that today is the day to live a better life. Mindful Eating When I was introduced to mindful eating, I thought it is a magical diet where…

Losing the extra weight: top 6 tips I learned from Thich Nhat Hanh on mindful eating

Food is around us, everywhere and at any time. It is the kind of friend who is always there for you when you’re stressed, down, or bored. But every good relationship necessitates mutual respect, care, and proper connection. Ever wondered why we eat? Why do people eat? Is it a need or a want? It is impossible to compare ourselves to our old ancestors who were insecure, fighting for their presence and going days without food. Once the food was found, they will eat to restore their energy. Most probably, in my opinion, ancestors did not have enough fuel/ calories,…

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