Before you start a new diet : Notice your eating

We keep reading about clean eating and its importance; I even believe in it and try to accommodate it for at least 70% in my weekly plan, but what are the other types, read along and reflect on your day.

1. FUEL eating, which in other words is clean eating. When we eat minimally processed food to nourish ourselves.

2. FUN eating: eating what we love; it tastes wonderful and maybe does not give any nourishment in return.

3. FOG eating: eating with 0 awareness. You know you are fog eating when suddenly the plate is empty, or you do not remember what and how. Yes, eating kids’ food crumbs count too!!

4. STORM eating: this is the definition of binge eating; you are aware, you want to stop but just cannot. This leads to a dramatic cycle of shame and deciding to start dieting on Monday.

Now that I explained these four, briefly reflect on your week or day. What happened, when it happened, and how do you feel? You cannot fuel eat at 100%; we are humans, and food is a pleasure. Aim for 80% fuel 20% fun.
If a storm or fog happened today, observe and reflect. There is always a next meal where you can give yourself better care. Take it one meal at a time, no restrictions, no shaming.

Happy eating 💚


Good Food for Good Health

My little 4-year-old Mila is learning the “eat your rainbow” song! She is a big fan of fruits and vegetables at every meal. Kids are a big lesson to show us that eating clean starts at early age. It is habits that change our tasting buds and choices. Eat your rainbow focuses on filling half of our plates with colored veggies and fruits, and the rest is left for healthy carb, protein, and fats. Natural food in its least processed shape is the healthy choice for us. Mediterranean cuisine is an amazing choice, and as a Lebanese, I am proud that Lebanese food is an excellent example of this theory.

To keep it simple, look for food in its simplest form, go low on processed and packaged food, stay away from food additives, and try to mix ingredients of different colors for an extra rich dish !

Good Food for Good Mood

Food is the common denominator that brings all living together; we need food to survive. While it differs between cultures, everyone can agree that a homemade meal is best to uplift the mood and energy. There are two types of good foods:

1. Happy Foods: food rich in vitamins that affect us physiologically by raising our serotonin, the happy chemical they call, for a brief explanation.

2. Comfort Foods: you know it when you smell it and remember old memories or think of it when you’re not feeling ok. These are foods that help us psychologically and boost our mental and emotional state.

As a mom of two, and an expat living away from home for more than a decade now, my kitchen is my comfort place to create memories be it my kids’ bday cakes or a challenge with my mom to pass the traditional recipes quiz !!! After many years of yo-yo dieting and deprivation of labeled food categories, i now know that good food is the key to a good life, and a good relation with food is the key to good health.

Feed yourself good food, and surround yourself with good people, much love ❤